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Centre of the universe - Terry Edwards

By:Terry Edwards
Date: Fri,19 Apr 2024
Submitter:Terry Edwards

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The Centre of the Universe
By Terry Edwards

Does the universe have a centre?

In the vast expanse of the universe, a question lingers in the minds of many: if the universe is truly infinite, where does its centre lie? The prevailing theory of the big bang posits that the universe is in a perpetual state of expansion, with each corner moving further away from the others. However, amid the realm of scientific conjecture, there exists an intriguing alternative perspective that emerged from personal insights cultivated in the years 1992-1993. Though lacking empirical evidence, this speculative notion has gradually taken shape over time, offering a unique lens through which to contemplate the mysteries of existence. While this proposal may not offer a definitive answer, it stands as a thought-provoking foundation for future exploration and contemplation of the enigmatic universe.

Centres of circles

The notion of a centre within a circle is subjective, varying based on the context and the technique employed for its creation. When employing a compass, the tangible centre is distinctly outlined and can be easily identified as the hole in the paper. Conversely, when utilising a template, the centre may not possess a visible manifestation but is instead envisioned as an abstract concept within the observer's mind.

To bring the heart of a circle from the realm of abstraction into tangible reality, one must engage in the act of measurement and marking. By pinpointing precise coordinates or dimensions, the centre is imbued with a physical presence within the sphere of the circle under contemplation.

In contemplating the infinite expanse of a circle, the notion of a central point takes on a more elusive quality. Within an infinite circle, there is no fixed radius or clear-cut boundary, making the identification of a singular centre a challenging endeavour. Within this realm, one could perceive the centre as omnipresent, existing everywhere simultaneously. The boundless nature of infinity implies an endless extension in all conceivable directions, blurring the lines of distinction between what is central and what is peripheral.

In essence, the presence of the centre of a circle is intricately intertwined with the manner in which it is created and the specific circumstances under which it is being examined. This central point can manifest as a tangible entity as well as a conceptual notion, with the notion of a centre evolving into a broader concept when dealing with an infinite circle.

The centre of infinite space

As we ponder the concept of a centre within an infinite circle or void, we are faced with profound philosophical and abstract considerations. The notion of a central point in this boundless expanse is not something we can grasp physically; instead, it is a creation of our thoughts and contemplations.

As a circle is delicately drawn on a sheet of paper using a compass, a definitive centre materializes - be it a tiny puncture or a sharp pinpoint that is distinctly discernible. This tangible core serves as a solid embodiment, making it simple for us to grasp and articulate the notion of a central focal point. Yet, when a circle is constructed with a template, the centre is not readily apparent to the naked eye. Instead, it lingers as an abstract concept, residing in the mind of the beholder rather than manifesting as a visible anchor point.

Straightedge and compass, by Teodomiro - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

In contemplating the vast expanse of an infinite circle or an infinite void, the very idea of a defined centre slips further from grasp. The infinite circle, existing solely as a theoretical construct, defies any fixed point for its centre. It pervades all spaces and yet occupies none specifically. Its essence materialises only in the mind of the beholder, materialising as a transient focal point of thought or a radiant spark within the realm of awareness.

Furthermore, the concept of a centre becomes increasingly enigmatic when contemplating an infinite void. The mystical essence of the void gives rise to a surreal atmosphere, hindering any precise identification of a central point. If one were to attribute a centre to the infinite void, it would embody the notion of unity. This central point would exist as a solitary entity, the genesis of all coordinates, symbolised as zero on the x-y axes.

The presence and position of a central point within an endless circle or void are subject to individual viewpoints and interpretations. This central point exists as an idea, a notion conceived within the mind, rather than a physical reality. The abstract essence of these concepts opens up the potential for the central point to be perceived as omnipresent or confined to a singular location, varying according to one's perspective and comprehension.

The property of meaning

The concept of multiple potential centres within a void may seem paradoxical, given that there is only one void. However, each centre can be distinguished by the unique idea it represents. These ideas give purpose and identity to the centres, linking them to specific objects or concepts. For instance, a centre could be associated with the structure of an atom, embodying a fundamental aspect of the physical world. As we delve deeper into this discussion, we begin to explore the profound notions of consciousness and the intrinsic property of meaning that each centre embodies. This shift in focus opens up a realm of philosophical inquiry into the nature of existence and the interconnectedness of ideas within the void.


The centre as an idea

Envision a finite circle, beyond the reach of human creation or replication, existing in a realm of pure perfection. Every inch of its circumference is flawless, devoid of any imperfection or irregularity. This circle transcends the limitations of reality, where even at the quantum level of matter, imperfections persist in the most precise of creations.

Does this perfect circle have a centre? The answer is yes.

In the mesmerizing realm of geometric perfection, lies a flawless circle that beckons contemplation. Does this exquisite circle possess a central point from which its symmetrical beauty radiates? The unequivocal response resonates through the very essence of its form - a resounding yes.

Is there anything at the centre? No, it is suggested by the graceful curvature and the enchanting shape of the perimeter. The essence of the centre is intricately entwined within the elegant lines and captivating contours that define its outer edges.

At the heart of this concept lies a profound significance. Just like how the axle serves as the core of a wheel, the relationship between the wheel's rim and its centre is not merely abstract or entangled, but rather tangible and explicit. Delving into the intricate world of quantum mechanics, when two particles become entangled on a subatomic level, their connection is implicit, yet the outcome of their interaction can manifest in a physical and explicit manner. This mysterious linkage appears to transcend the constraints of time and space, seemingly operating instantaneously, unbound by the conventional speed of light.

How vast is the centre? When considering it as a place rather than an object, the centre of a flawless circle exists as a minuscule, infinitesimal point. In contemplating the dimensions of the centre, it becomes apparent that, being a location rather than a tangible entity, the essence of the perfect circle converges upon a point of such infinitesimal proportions that it transcends the realms of discernible size, existing as a minute yet crucial focal point within the symmetry of its circular form.

The centre of infinite space

At the core of an expansive void lies a concept, a notion that transcends physical boundaries. This idea is ubiquitous, existing potentially in every corner of our universe. Yet, in reality, pinpointing the precise location of this centre proves futile and irrelevant. Its very existence is enigmatic, a paradox that challenges our understanding. It is imaginary in the same way that the concept of the square root of minus one, Mathematicians designate it as “i”. Engineers call it “j”. While it may not physically manifest, we dare to entertain the notion of its presence and explore the boundless possibilities it presents.

Photo by Chen Liu on Unsplash

If there is only one centre of an infinite space, how can we have many such centres to create structures?

In the vast expanse of infinite space, the concept of a single centre seems paradoxical. How can one point be the focal hub from which countless structures and formations emerge? This intriguing question challenges our understanding of spatial dynamics and prompts us to contemplate the mysterious interconnectedness of the universe. Could it be that within the boundless reaches of space lie hidden patterns and symmetries, waiting to be unravelled by those who dare to explore beyond the confines of conventional wisdom? Perhaps the true essence of space lies not in its singularity, but in the infinite possibilities that arise from the juxtaposition of multiple centres, each contributing to the tapestry of cosmic creation in its own unique way.

Imagine an infinite number of centres, each one in its own version of the space. Space is the arena of meaning.

Picture an endless array of focal points, each existing within its unique interpretation of the universe. Space serves as the expansive stage where significance unfolds and intertwines with the fabric of existence. It is within this infinite expanse that the essence of meaning takes shape, flowing and evolving like a cosmic dance across the vastness of the unknown. In this boundless realm, the interplay of perspectives and interpretations weaves a tapestry of endless possibilities, each thread adding depth and richness to the intricate tapestry of existence.

From one to many

In the realm of spaces, each defined by a unique centre, the need arises to discern one pseudo version from another. This requisite property serves as the distinguishing feature that sets them apart in their individuality.

Time, the essence that allows for the coexistence of multiple versions of the same entity. It is the fundamental property of existence, weaving through the fabric of reality, creating distinct instances that exist in different temporal realms. This concept of time not only separates moments but also serves as the bridge that connects the past, present, and future. In its eternal flow, time accommodates the various iterations of existence, each existing in its own temporal space, waiting to be experienced and unravelled.

To be of any value, these isolated and separate centres need to relate to each other by some indirect means.

In order for these individual and distinct centres to hold significance, they must establish connections with one another through indirect methods. This is where the concept of mathematics comes into play, with its ability to reveal implicit relationships that bind these centres together.

Mathematics, the key to creation and consciousness

I often think of mathematics as the universe's operating system—an intricate framework that governs the very essence of our existence. While many scientists and mathematicians may dismiss this notion, there are those, like the Platonists, who see the beauty and order in this belief. For those who view the universe as purely materialistic, such an idea may seem superfluous. However, for those who entertain the possibility of a virtual reality, it becomes apparent that some form of software-like mechanism must orchestrate the intricate dance of matter and the interconnected narratives of its components. Just as code shapes and controls the functions of a virtual world, mathematics may well be the underlying language that dictates the workings of our reality.

The isolated and separate centres gain depth and meaning when viewed through the lens of mathematics, as it uncovers the intricate web of connections that exist between them. Mathematics serves as a bridge, allowing these centres to communicate and interact in a way that transcends their physical separation. By tapping into the potential of mathematics, we can unlock new layers of understanding and uncover the hidden ties that unite these seemingly disconnected entities.

The viewfoil analogy

Imagine you want to form a triangle using three distinct points. Visualize it like setting up a viewfoil projector - lay out three clear sheets, each marked with a single point. As you adjust the position of the sheets, a specific triangular shape emerges. When the light from the projector filters through, your mind perceives those three dots as a unified triangle, even though they remain on their individual sheets.

By mailer_diablo - Self-taken (Unmodified), CC BY-SA 3.0

This analogy beautifully encapsulates two fundamental elements of consciousness: the ability to both craft experiences and to revel in the experience of creation itself. It is crucial that this process is carried out in a manner that sustains a sense of wonder and novelty in every encounter.

Dimensions, a property of numbers

Points are like the fleeting whispers of the zero dimension, delicate and ethereal. The system, in its perpetual dance, transitions seamlessly from a solitary point to a myriad of them, each a new beginning. Within this intricate framework, the infinite realms of speed and slowness unfold boundlessly, inviting contemplation. At the speed of infinity, everything exists in a paradoxical harmony of separation and unity, a perpetual melding of distinctions. Conversely, the realm of infinitesimal slowness remains steadfast, an eternal constant amidst the ever-changing tempo of existence. And in the delicate balance between the two, lies the realm where finite time unfolds, where we, as mere observers, navigate the ebb and flow of existence.

There exists a fascinating sequence within the dimensions of our universe.

The first dimension is akin to a straight line, symbolising communication and measurement, as seen in concepts like the Planck Length. Moving on to the second dimension, we enter the realm of planes of consciousness, where patterns of experience intertwine through resonance. The third dimension expands into volume and meaning, often represented by spheres in both literal and metaphysical interpretations. As we venture into the fourth dimension, we encounter the intricacies of time and the sequence of events that shape our reality. Beyond this, the dimensions of five and above delve into the complex software and spiritual mechanisms that underpin existence. The sixth dimension acts as a barrier of separation between individuals, while the seventh and beyond weave together the grand narrative of the entire universe and its individual components. These dimensions play a crucial role in balancing karma, guiding experiences towards the ultimate goal of oneness while minimising unnecessary waste and repetition.

A universe composed entirely of centres

The intricate process by which minuscule sparks or tiny glimmers give rise to atoms and molecules is a topic shrouded in complexity. One noteworthy aspect to consider is the notion that this model proposes the idea of matter shaping space. According to general relativity, the presence of matter causes space-time to bend and curve. This suggests that the vast expanse of empty space is not just a passive backdrop, but rather intimately connected to the material it encompasses. To put it differently, one could liken the creation of space to the pulsating rhythm of time, where material objects exude a quantum foam akin to the bubbles produced by spittlebugs on a bush. Over time, this frothy quantum foam amalgamates to sculpt the very fabric of what we perceive as the continuous universe. Though this concept may initially seem radical, it originates from a profound vision within the realm of abstract consciousness, which I have endeavoured to interpret to the best of my ability.

Every centre is a universe

The central idea that permeates through all of this is the concept that every single entity, from the tiniest atom to the vast organized structures, constitutes a universe unto itself. Each minuscule particle, every proton, resides in its own distinct universe, separate from all others. This profound notion that there exists not a singular universe, but a multitude of individual centres, is both vast and intricate, making it a challenging concept to fully grasp.

Within this framework, each one of us exists within our own personal universe, isolated and unique. The individuals we encounter in our daily lives are but manifestations that we conjure, tailored to fit the narratives we have woven for ourselves. Their actions towards us, and our subsequent responses, may not always align with our expectations. Nevertheless, they serve the purpose of aiding us in our personal growth and exploration of the roles we have assumed since our inception.

The paradox of paradoxes: nothing exists therefore everything is possible

This does not imply that these individuals do not exist as separate entities within their own universes; rather, it underscores the inherent mystery that shrouds our understanding of them until we reunite in the realm beyond, once our time in this cosmic game reaches its conclusion. Death, in essence, marks the culmination of another chapter, the moment when we shed the roles we embraced upon entering this grand play. It is in death that our true selves are unveiled, as we relinquish the masks we donned during our earthly sojourn.

Beyond the action game

As the planet Earth continues to unfurl its narrative in its own unique way, humanity collectively grapples with the karmic implications of its actions, particularly in its relentless exploitation and destruction of the living world. The human race stands accountable for the debts it incurs through the extinction of countless fellow species, a reckoning that must be confronted before our time on this Earth draws to a close. Only through introspection and reconciliation can we hope to settle the debts we have accrued and forge a path towards a harmonious coexistence with the planet and all its inhabitants. The imperative of our time appears to be causing a divergence in interpretation amongst influential members of human society. While some perceive it as a call for human extinction, a more prudent approach would be to unite in pursuit of the enlightenment of our race.

Different world, different universe

Upon contemplating the intriguing notion of the universe being composed of centres, a myriad of profound implications unravel before me. Chief among them is the stark realization that our perception of reality is vastly different from the truth. I am inclined to believe that the universe we gaze upon is not a tangible entity but rather a meticulously crafted illusion, a virtual mirage contrived to instil within us a sense of belonging to a grander scheme of existence. The celestial bodies that adorn the cosmic tapestry we behold, if they truly exist independently, occupy the focal points of their own distinct universes. To them, the stars that dot their skies serve merely as embellishments in the elaborate backdrop of their perceived reality. Should sentient beings inhabit these distant worlds, the laws of physics governing their universe may diverge from our own, shaped by the collective consciousness that animates their existence. In this alternate realm, reality itself is moulded by the very fabric of their thoughts and intentions.

Why telescopes lie

The vast expanse of the universe is not merely a boundless space teeming with matter. No matter which direction you journey in, you will never encounter a definitive edge, even if the universe possesses a positive curvature. This is because each object within the universe is a focal point, existing at its own unique centre within its distinctive interpretation of the whole. Every glimmer of light is a manifestation of consciousness, although this does not imply that all things possess consciousness. While we typically associate consciousness with cognitive thought, its essence delves far deeper than mere mental processes. Each individual atom undergoes its own existence, yet the manner in which it perceives this existence remains an enigma to us. Consequently, the matter contained within our bodies undergoes a form of experience that eludes our comprehension. We employ material substances to imbue our personal space with significance, utilizing them to navigate our individual journeys through the mysteries of existence.

Lost in space

The concept of science often claims to acknowledge the possibility of our existence in a virtual reality, but it tends to overlook this idea in favour of analysing the simulation itself without paying attention to its origin. In a similar vein, the trend of woke culture aims to supplant one materialistic viewpoint with another, failing to recognize the fundamental truth that reality is fundamentally spiritual. The physical aspects of form hold little significance. Just as we do not purchase a book solely for its cover or the words it contains, what truly captivates us is the profound meaning it conveys, the intangible essence of consciousness that it conveys. You are more than just the external traits that define your physical appearance. Your true identity transcends the boundaries of race, gender, and sexuality. Within you resides a divine essence, a consciousness seeking to understand its own existence through the experiences it undergoes in human form. In the grand tapestry of life, you are but a thread, intricately woven into the fabric of the universe. Your purpose extends far beyond the limited confines of society's labels and expectations. Deep within your being lies the yearning to discover your true self, to peel back the layers of illusion and reveal the essence that resides within.

Going nowhere, the hero’s journey

As you navigate through the intricate maze of life, remember that your journey is not defined by the external factors that surround you. Rather, it is the inner exploration, the quest to unravel the mysteries of your own consciousness, that holds the key to unlocking your true nature. Behind the masks you wear and the roles you play lies a spark of divinity, an eternal flame that flickers in the depths of your soul. Embrace this truth, for it is the foundation upon which you can build a life of authenticity and fulfilment.

Photo by Mukuko Studio on Unsplash

As you traverse the winding paths of existence, ponder the notion that your voyage is not shaped by the external circumstances encapsulating you. Instead, it is the inward expedition, the pursuit to untangle the enigmas of your own awareness, that holds the solution to unveiling your genuine essence. Beyond the masks you don and the roles you assume resides a glimmer of divinity, an everlasting fire that dances within the recesses of your spirit. Embrace this verity, for it serves as the bedrock upon which you can construct a life imbued with genuineness and contentment.

Embrace the diversity within yourself and within others, recognizing that each individual is on their own unique path of self-discovery. What you are is what you chose to be before you entered the game. Embrace your own story, for it is through this journey that you can come to know your divine essence and find a deeper connection to the universal consciousness. Imposing your worldview on others without love is an exercise in futility; it simply leads to unnecessary conflict and turmoil in society. In the end, it does not matter what we believe. In the action game, it is what we do that counts, especially to one another. You have one purpose, to express unconditional, impersonal, love in the quest to know who and what you are by expressing what you are not.

Free yourself from the constraints of societal expectations and allow the essence of who you truly are to shine through. Embrace your uniqueness, your passions, and your truth. Honour the divinity that resides within you, for it is in embracing this truth that you can truly live a life of purpose and meaning.

The warp drive to nowhere

When we embark on journeys, we never truly depart from our essence. Instead, we shift our connection to the vast expanse of space and time that surrounds us. Imagine venturing to the far reaches of the galaxy - we wouldn't physically leave our core, but rather redefine our sense of place within the universe. Space itself would seem to curve and envelop us in its embrace.

For sentient beings with the technological prowess to voyage to distant planets orbiting alien stars, there comes a moment when they transcend the realm of familiarity found on their home worlds. As they arrive at a new celestial body, they step into a reality that may outwardly resemble their own, yet holds a fundamentally different essence - an essence that is truly alien. It is the unique planetary and stellar systems that shape our individual identities by encoding quantum information.

Consider the intriguing notion of what would become of us if a different world were responsible for shaping our physical, mental, and emotional being. This question poses a fascinating contemplation. Over the years, I have shared with my companions in Theosophy the belief that all existence is comprised of individual cosmic centres, each existing in solitary splendour within their own interpretation of the cosmic void or the radiant light.

Reflect on the initial pages of the Secret Doctrine, where the primordial diagrams depict a circle and a circle with a central dot. This central dot symbolises the essence of vitality present within each being. These vital sparks of existence dwell in solitary majesty, existing as either points of shadow in the light or as individual manifestations in the void. They are two facets of the same cosmic coin.

The cosmic structure itself is a profound mathematical concept that assigns numbers to these points of existence, connecting them through metaphysical lines based on intricate fractal equations to manifest tangible forms. Your true self transcends form, existing beyond physicality in a realm of infinite potential.

It is a grand notion to proclaim that you are interconnected with the entire universe, as is every sentient being and entity within it - even the humble fly on a windowpane or the infinitesimal speck of dust caught in a sunbeam. The inherent divinity that lies within us all is accessible if only we can transcend the constraints of entrenched belief systems, seeking instead the boundless wellspring of divinity residing within our hearts. Discover your core, and you shall unlock the essence of the universe itself.


This article is based on an article published in Hermes Risen online magazine. I have used AI to support the editing process to make the text more readable. AI could not write this material in the first place but it can clarify the meaning more effectively than I can, unaided.
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